Multi Platform: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone

    Fulcrum Software Solutions was founded in 2004 to provide technology solutions to companies and organizations that have unique needs not served by standard solutions. By combining highly targeted, project-based software with off-the-shelf products, Fulcrum can provide the perfect combination of technologies to provide its customers with a fully integrated, right-sized solution.


  • Methodology

    Fulcrum Software is a software development shop specializing in targeted solutions designed to meet real business needs. From small mobile applications to large enterprise systems, Fulcrum has the experience and processes necessary to deliver high quality solutions on time and on budget. Applying agile development philosophies, Fulcrum will partner with our client to meet the specific requirements of the project, customer and final solution.


  • Value Conscious

    Fulcrum’s proven development model has consistently saved our client’s money and compressed the time frame associated with custom software products. Fulcrum’s rapid prototyping and focus on the user experience allows for timely and continuous client feedback and ensures each client achieves the right product for the right price. Our minimal overhead and pragmatic agile methodology allow us to apply our development resources in the most effective fashion. Fulcrum is built on long partnerships with satisfied, successful, and repeat customers.


  • Team

    Fulcrum Software’s four product leads have almost 100 years of combined experience (we’re old). Fulcrum understands how passionate you are about your business and brings that same passion to its solutions. When you combine that experience with a young staff of energetic and motivated developers, our team is able to engineer the highest quality product through know-how, dedication and strong communications.




    Fulcrum Software is a software development shop specializing in highly targeted solutions designed to meet real business needs.  Unlike traditional custom software, targeted software tightly matches customer requirements to software development efforts to maximize value to the customer.  Fulcrum is able to incorporate all aspects of the project to ensure a complete solution at the end of the project.



    Fulcrum Software’s proven development model has consistently saved our clients’ money and compressed the time frame associated with each client project.  Over the years, Fulcrum has successfully wrapped the appropriate business principles around various aspects of Agile and Scrum development.  This has produced a development model that spends just the right amount of time on discovery and development, and appropriately engages the customer to maximize efficiencies at all points in the process.



    Fulcrum Software focuses on the user experience.  For either internal or external users, Fulcrum’s focus on workflow, data presentation and task efficiency helps produce user experiences to provide differentiation or productivity improvements.  Combined with heuristic reviews, usability testing and feedback, Fulcrum provides a targeted user experience for every software project.



    Over the past ten years, Fulcrum has nurtured and grown a development staff with expertise in a wide range of applications including:

    • Web Applications – customer facing portals; consumer and retail applications; large enterprise systems
    • Web Services – B2B Systems; interfaces; data adapters; all to allow multiple systems to communicate with each other
    • Health Care Systems – patient management; medical sales support; HIE; Statewide registries
    • HL7 and CCD Interfaces – secure, standardized health care interfaces for exchanging secure patient information
    • Mobile Applications – iOS for iPhone and iPad; Android and Windows for phones and tablets; single development platform
    • Embedded Systems – secure, standalone systems for managing remote devices such as multi-panel digital signs, consumer kiosks and set-top boxes
    • Distributed Systems – secure centralized systems with clients capable of managing, monitoring and controller widely distributed systems



    User Centered Design and Iterative Development come together to support Fulcrum Software’s fast prototyping user interface development.  The customer’s business stakeholders get to see working prototypes of the final system at various stagings for feedback and adjustment.  This methodology best ensures each client achieves the right end product for the right price, as providing prototypes along the development path allows for timely and continuous client feedback to support flexibility in customer requirements and improve the effectiveness of inevitable change requests.



    Fulcrum provides all aspects of product development from guidance with initial scope and definition through QA, UAT and release.  Fulcrum works with clients to understand the purpose and business needs of a product request, defines and refines a project based on those requests, then develops, tests and deploys the final product.  All of this, while making sure to continuously solicit customer feedback at every point in the process to minimize the effects of changes and maximize the end value of the project.



    Fulcrum Software provides integration services to connect your internal or external systems.  From HL7 health care interfaces to SOAP and RESTful web services, Fulcrum will provide the right solution to meet your integration needs.



    Fulcrum Software provides technology upgrade services.  Fulcrum’s proven process for architectural review, technology analysis, and phased rollout allow Fulcrum to take a current software product and upgrade it to a new technology set to support your business with a five to ten year horizon.  Fulcrum’s process helps you make a cost effective and informed decision that is right for your business.  Fulcrum can also provide globalization and scaling services to take your product to the next level.



    Fulcrum has all but eliminated the duplication of costs for developing a mobile application across multiple mobile platforms.  Utilizing techniques and tools developed in conjunction with the Xamarin Platform, Fulcrum can produce mobile applications across Android, iOS and Windows platforms with minimal duplication of effort saving both time-to-market and cost of development. Fulcrum’s proven Xamarin based mobile development model allows us to reduce the cost.



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Address: 6277 Riverside Drive, Suite 1N, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: 1+(614) 219-6540 x101 for Sales

Email: sales@fulcrumsoftwaresolutions.com

Visit Fulcrum Software Solutions on LinkedIn





John Townsend


John Townsend – founded Fulcrum in 2004 with the goal of tightly matching customer needs to product development methodologies to make custom software an affordable solution for a wide variety of business problems. John has over 30 years in software development, IT and technology management. Today, John is an expert at understanding business opportunities and meeting those opportunities with appropriate technology based solutions. John is an integral part in all product development at Fulcrum.

Previously, John has been the Vice President of Operations for SmartPipes, President and Co-founder of embedded software development company Esquared and Director of Data Center Operations and Networking at CompuServe. The first ten years of John’s career were spent as an embedded developer and principal engineer at CompuServe writing software for network switches and routers. John has developed the perfect combination of business and technical skills to match high quality product development to the business needs of Fulcrum’s customers.

David Keene

Dave Keene – joined Fulcrum in 2011 bringing over 24 years of building and leading software development teams. Prior to Fulcrum, David was VP or Product Development and responsible for Global User Experience at Sophos. Dave also brings experience with embedded systems, web applications, software as a service, and is a CISSP. David developed by mobile practice at Fulcrum to include native, phone gap, and Xamarin based apps for Android and iOS devices.

Andrew Haines

Andy Haines – has been with Fulcrum since 2005 and has been in the industry for over 12 years. Prior to Fulcrum, Andy started his career at Worthington Industries as a developer then spent several years creating custom software for small and medium sized businesses. At Fulcrum, Andy has specified, architected, designed, built and supported medical software, large enterprise back-office systems, web portals, B2B communications systems and mobile applications for businesses.

Andy is an expert in web services with seven years of experience in the definition, design, development and support of web services for moving large quantities of business data between systems. Andy has over 10 years of experience in web UI design and development on systems ranging from sophisticated multi-layers web applications to specialized retail web sites. For three years, Andy has worked on data analysis and integration software for medical systems for medium to large hospitals. Andy has extensive Microsoft Development skills and knowledge of a variety of modern technologies including C#, .NET, ASP .NET, ASP .NET MVC, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server and WCF.

David Lambert

David Lambert – joined Fulcrum in 2015 as a lead developer. Before joining Fulcrum, David worked in software development and management for over 20 years, building applications for insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and government sectors.

David’s application development experience ranges from front-office applications, such as CRM customization and implementation and e-commerce platform development to back-office applications including business rules engine development, billing systems, and financial reconciliation on billion-dollar enterprises. David is able to apply his broad industry and technology background to solve new problems with proven approaches.

Fulcrum Celebrates 10 Years


Dublin, Ohio (4/1/14)Fulcrum Software Solutions proudly celebrates it 10 year anniversary. Fulcrum is a custom software development company providing affordable, specialized software solutions to meet customer’s needs that extend beyond the reach of off-the-shelf solutions. 

Fulcrum is run by industry veterans John Townsend, President and Dave Keene, VP of Software Development.  This is the second partnership for Townsend and Keene.  They owned operating Esquared Software in the 1990s which was eventually rolled into the Dublin based internet start-up SmartPipes.

“It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since we started Fulcrum.  In 2004, I started Fulcrum to take the expense and frustration out of the custom software market” stated John Townsend adding that Fulcrum is expecting to grow at a rate of 35% a year for the next few years.  “Businesses needing unique solutions automatically believe that custom software is a difficult and expensive proposition.  With the right partner, that doesn’t need to be the case.  Our extensive experience and proven methodology addresses both of those concerns.”

With 15 employees in the Quarry Place office complex on the east bank of the Scioto River in Dublin, Fulcrum provides full technology solutions centered on targeted software development for customers in Ohio, Texas and Florida.  “Dublin is a fantastic place for small business and is going to be a great location for technology businesses in the coming years” says Townsend.

Fulcrum Software Solutions is based in Dublin, Ohio, and provides custom software development services for web applications, distributed systems, mobile applications, large enterprise IT systems, embedded applications and HL7 data interfaces. Fulcrum has a history of long-term relationships with their clients, delivering functionality with every product and successful results on every project.

Fulcrum Software Solutions Rebrands and Moves to Dublin


Dublin, Ohio (5/18/11)Fulcrum Software Solutions, formally NuGrowth Technologies, announced today that it will be moving its custom software development shop to the banks of the Scioto River in Dublin, Ohio.  Fulcrum, will be moving into new space in Quarry Place on the Scioto on August 1, 2011.

Fulcrum was formally part of the NuGrowth partnership of businesses located in the Arlingate Plaza facility just off of Wilson Road in Columbus.  The move to Quarry Place will allow the company to operate independently and position it better for growth.

John Townsend, President of Fulcrum Software Solutions, commented, “For the past three years, the NuGrowth partnership has been wonderful for us.  But as the company grows, we need the benefits and flexibility of our own identity.  Rebranding and moving into Dublin has huge upside for us as the long term growth plans of the city in support of technology and business is very promising.  It is great to be able to be a part of that growth.”

Fulcrum Software Solutions is based in Dublin, Ohio, and provides custom software development services for web applications, distributed systems, mobile applications, large enterprise IT systems, embedded applications and HL7 data interfaces. Fulcrum has a history of long-term relationships with their clients, delivering functionality with every product and successful results on every project.

Fulcrum Software Solutions announces joint venture with Mills James Productions


COLUMBUS, Ohio (9/25/13)Fulcrum Software Solutions announced today that they have entered into a joint venture with Mills James Productions.  The new venture, called VitalSigns, will enhance Fulcrum’s offerings in digital signage, mobile media and web solutions.

As part of the VitalSigns joint venture, Mills James will provide sales, marketing and creative services while Fulcrum Software Solutions will provide software development, technology consulting and project management.

Dale McClintock, former Vice President of Creative Engineering at Mills James, has been named President of VitalSigns.

“This new relationship provides both companies with a compelling opportunity to satisfy a growing demand for digital signage, mobile and web solutions, and enhances the service portfolios of both Mills James and Fulcrum Software,” said Ken Mills, President of Mills James. “We believe both firms have vast capabilities to contribute to the VitalSigns joint venture.”

John Townsend, President of Fulcrum Software Solutions, said, “VitalSigns allows two innovative companies to leverage their core strengths to provide customers with technology solutions and products far beyond what could be accomplished individually. The synergies improve deliverables and increase speed-to-market.”

Fulcrum Software Solutions is based in Dublin, Ohio, and provides custom software development services for web applications, distributed systems, mobile applications, large enterprise IT systems, embedded applications and HL7 data interfaces. Fulcrum has a history of long-term relationships with their clients, delivering functionality with every product and successful results on every project.